Are you ready to level-up YOUR BRAND?

Starpreneurs is the ultimate experience for entrepreneurs who want to transform their personal brand from being unknown to influential and successful. 

There is a roadmap to building a star brand and at Starpreneurs you will immerse yourself with other driven, ambitious likeminded individuals to get S*** DONE and to create the mindset of an Olympic Champion! 

The program includes three days of inspiring and power-packed sessions from our star-making founders and guest speakers to give you the exact tools and roadmap you need to build your OWN star brand. 

You will be immersed in locations that will inspire you and ignite your creative genius.

Make 2019 your year to shine brighter than ever before.

You will transform your brand!

Join us in La La Land as we immerse ourselves in the city where the bold come to fulfill every kind dream from entertainment to business.


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the venue

8440 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 90069, USA

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Jonathan George: I have been a branding specialist in the entertainment world for 20 years and hadn't even realized it until THIS year. Someone mentioned personal branding to me and I was like, "what is that?". So I began to...

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Five Tips for Building a Reputation and Standing Out

Amanda Williams: In the lead up to the 2013 Federal election, I was introduced to an icebreaker called the ‘assumption game’ at a political campaign training session at Parliament House. To this day I continue to put it to good...

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Why you need to be at Startpreneurs

People often ask me, "how the hell do you find these people and make these connections?" the answer is, I purposely attend events, seminars, conferences and retreats to meet legends all the time - its where I've made, and continue to make the most valuable connections in my business.

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